Mormonism Live: 069: Gaslighting

In this episode, RadioFreeMormon and Bill Reel give numerous examples of LDS leaders lying about the past. Make sure you check out the show-notes, because there are lots of resources/evidence.

They cover a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Baptism invitations after the first discussion (Elder Ballard said he didn’t know, but it actually happened under his leadership)
  • Mormons (not) getting their own planet
  • Ronald Poelman’s speech in 1984 (which was drastically changed and actually re-filmed for distribution, as if the changed version was what he had actually said)
  • Racism in Mormonism
  • Hiding the 1832 First Vision account and Elder Ballard saying we never hid anything
  • Adam-God Doctrine

This is definitely an episode you’ll want to save and keep handy for discussions with LDSs.

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